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At the Texas Tang Soo Do Academy, we offer a suite of korean martial arts that will be attractive to students of all ages.

Tang Soo Do- Our primary program is Tang Soo Do, or Korean Karate. This style is a very traditional and classical empty hand martial art with an emphasis on strong rooted stances, and direct linear attacks. Punching, Blocking as well as kicking are the primary focus.  Often called Korean Karate,  Tang Soo Do is a very Korean martial art based heavily on the countries 2000 year history of fighting styles.
Haidong Gumdo- Haidong Gumdo is Korea's fastest growing martial art. It is focused purely on the use of the long sword, or Jin Gum. This martial art has its own uniform, and belt levels. Practitioners can be of any age group. In Korea it is not uncommong to see grand parents, parents, and children practicing together. Due to its non-contact nature, and that extreme flexibility is not required, parents of children who train in our school often find it very attractive.