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Our Philosophy

The Texas Tang Soo Do Academy Mission:

Our mission statement is the written goals and standards for Texas Tang Soo Do Academy, Inc.

It clarifies our character. It not only communicates who we are to the public, it gives standards by which we operate. It also guides anyone in a leadership or staff position to a common goal or purpose. It is imperative that all Black Belt Club members and staff have the same philosophy behind their interactions with students, parents, and friends of the Texas Tang Soo Do Academy, Inc.

  • This studio is dedicated to personal development. We develop the body, mind, and spirit (heart) through martial arts training. 
  • This studio is a positive environment where people feel good about themselves. Students are encouraged to be their personal best throughout their training. All students and staff will receive continuing support and education to accomplish our mission. 
  • Staff and leaders are dedicated to uphold the integrity of the martial arts and to lead by example both in and out of the studio.
  • We are committed long term to the community by uncompromised student service.