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About Master Barron

Texas Tang Soo Do Academy, Inc. has been owned and operated in the Copperfield / Bear Creek area by Bob Barron since September of 1995. In addition to training in, Hapkido and Jujutsu, he has trained in Tang Soo Do since 1985 and is an active World Tang Soo Do Association Region Four participant, serving as Regional Financial Director and host school for Regional Championships and clinics.

Bob Barron is a fourth degree Master Black Belt, presented this rank by Grandmaster Jae Chul Shin of the World Tang Soo Do Association.

Master Barron also recently competed his training in Haidong Gumdo, the Korean Sword Martial Art, and is a certified Master Instructor in this art as well.

Master Barron promotes a philosophy that believes in strengthening the mind and body through self-discipline, fitness and awareness. Barron’s Karate Tang Soo Do, Kid Smart, Women’s Self Defense, Fitness Kickboxing, Plyometrics, Leadership Club, Black Belt Club, Master’s Club, and Summer Camp programs allow their students to develop self-confidence, self-discipline, increased coordination, flexibility and strength, as well as physical fitness. The students learn to be aware, to avoid physical confrontations, to block any offensive moves by would-be attackers, and to take the offensive only to prevent being injured by an assailant.

The Leadership Club, Masters Club and Black Belt Club are organizations designed as leadership training programs within the academy for students that have made a commitment to become a black belt, then having achieved that goal, become masters. Barron’s Karate helps these individuals fully understand what it means to be a black belt, and encourages them to set their goals high and stay committed to their goals both mentally and physically for the next several years. As part of their training curriculum, students assist in classes, receive instruction in teaching techniques, create class lessons, manage students, motivate them, develop interpersonal skills and represent the studio in public demonstrations. These programs are structured to surround each member with individuals who will support each other in their common goal, and supply the necessary motivation and instruction to insure that each student will fulfill their dream and reach their maximum potential.